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Finger Pain: Fracture

Fractured Fingers

What is a finger fracture?

There are many different ways to break a finger. It could happen playing basketball or other sports. You could break it falling or fighting. You could even break it and not realize it at first!

How to tell if your finger is fractured.
The four main symptoms of a finger fracture are:
  • Your finger may feel numb, weak, or tingle.
  • Your finger may hurt, either a throbbing or steady pain.
  • Your finger may be swollen, bruised, or stiff.
  • Your finger may be bleeding (if the skin is broken or torn).
  • You may have a hard time moving your finger.
  • You may not be able to move your finger.
How is a fractured finger diagnosed?
If you're still not sure if your finger is broken, you will probably need x-rays.
X-rays will take pictures of the bones inside your hand.

How to treat a fractured finger.
Treating your finger fracture all depends on which type of fracture you have and which finger is broken. A cast or splint will prevent movement and ensure you're finger heals safely. Unless the fracture is very very minor, you should see a doctor or specialist.

  • Splint or Cast: Put a splint or cast on your finger. You may want to use the "buddy taping" technique by taping the fractured finger to a neighboring finger. This helps the fractured finger heal straight by giving it support during the healing process.
  • Ice: Put crushed up ice in a zip-lock bag or use a bag of frozen veggies. Cover the bag with some paper towers or a cloth. Put the bag on your finger for 15 to 20 minutes every hour for as long as you need to. Do Not Sleep With The Ice Pack Because You Could Get Frostbite.
  • Elevate: Keep your finger elevated above the level of your heart whenever possible for 48 - 72 hours. This helps reduce both swelling and pain.
  • Rest: Resting your finger decreases swelling and allows the injury to heal. When the pain decreases, your caregiver will tell you if you may begin slow, normal movements. You should do finger and hand exercises also to help the finger heal naturally and give it strength. These can help to build strength and decrease stiffness and swelling in your finger
Where to buy a Finger Splint?
I recommend Wayfair for any finger splint. Their prices are great and the product is by far the most durable and comfortable. If you don't have time to wait for shipping of your finger splint, your local pharmacy most likely supplies finger splints.

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